Client Reviews


To date I have worked on articles published in academic journals, PhD and MA dissertations, and educational materials aimed at school children. These have been in various subjects including archaeology, anthropology, art history, literature, economics, history, and general science. Documents on any subject and of any length are welcome.

Most of my clients wish to keep their research confidential until they are able to publish their results, so I will not name them here. However, some of them have very kindly written reviews of my services:

  • Fiona Frank, PhD: Amanda helped me to submit my thesis when I couldn't see any end to the writing process. She went through it for me, chapter by chapter, picking out obvious typing errors and pointing out style issues and areas for improvement. Her input was invaluable. (I passed!)
  • Associate Professor, California: Amanda proofread and edited an article for me. I had had a quick deadline and needed another set of eyes to make sure that the argument flowed and that the grammar and spelling were clean and profesional. Amanda did a lovely job and was able to meet my tight deadline as well. She pointed out corrections that need to be made and also offered constructive criticism for a couple of unclear points in the argument. I would absolutely use her again for similar projects and appreciated her reasonable fees!
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, R1 University, California: Amanda is amazing. I had a very tight deadline and needed some super tricky LaTeX work done for the final draft of my dissertation. I am a quantitative researcher and my dissertation had several tricky tables, graphs and images which required the help of a skilled LaTeX coder. I was so fortunate to have found her. If you have ANY LaTeX work that needs doing, use her! She's really the most dedicated, perserverant editor I have ever worked with. I can not recommend her highly enough. And on a personal level, she just a pleasure to work with (even under stress!).