Plagiarism Policy

I do not provide research services or write papers for students. You are responsible for the content of your documents. If I notice statements that appear to be improperly referenced in your text I will note it for you, but I cannot check the content of your citations or judge the quality of your scholarship. I may suggest improvements to your text, but I will not re-write your document for you.

Make sure you understand your department's plagiarism policies before you hire me. Some universities do not allow the use of an external copy editor or proofreader.

By engaging my services as a proofreader, you are confirming that you have checked your department, college and university policies regarding the use of an external proofreader, and have determined that it is permitted. I will not be held liable for any disciplinary action taken if you have failed to follow these policies, or if you misrepresent your position when engaging my services.

The work I edit or proofread for you will remain your own. As I will not be judging the quality of your work, I cannot guarantee that using my services will result in an improved grade or mark.